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Learning takes you from who you were... who you are.

Who you will become... entirely up to you.

~ Maryum Mohsin

Portfolio Purpose

I have a Liberal Arts Bachelor's Degree. I entered the EdX Instructional Design and Technology  MicroMasters program as a segue to complete my full Masters in Instructional Design and Technology.  This website will serve as a portfolio of my journey.

Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.


Me, so far...

An image of me wearing light orange headscarf and glasses

I work as a Curriculum Quality Assurance Tester for Edgenuity under the umbrella of Weld North Education. I am also the Content Developer (meaning that I write the character scripts and dialogue) for NoorKids. I have worked for years in Learning as a teacher, a coordinator of teachers, a curriculum designer, and a Learning Coach to my children. I volunteer teach at our community Mosque and I've trained teachers in the new Tarbiiya Curriculum released by MCE, the Madresah Center of Excellence. I define myself as one of those life-long learner types. I love the work that I do and hope to further my skills and expertise as I move up in the company.

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